Tuesday, December 21, 2010

UK Driving Theory Practice official website published today

The official UK Driving Theory Practice website is published on 21 Dec, 2010.

All UK Driving Theory Practice android app customers will have 7 days free access to all theory questions online when they signup account with the android Order ID.

Official website: http://driving.leyun.me

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

UK Driving Theory Test Q&As

Please leave comments if you have other questions, thanks!

1. Lots of questions are the same but in different words, why?

All questions are licensed from DSA and they are standard questions which can be found on any theory test CD/DVD/books. If you have questions relate to this issue please ask DSA. Thanks

2. Why I get the same questions on Mock test very often?

When you take theory test on the DVLA test centre all the questions generated base on the following rules in order to cover all topics:

TopicRequired Questions
Hazard awareness1
Motorway rules6
Other types of vehicle4
Road and traffic signs2
Rules of the road6
Safety and your vehicle5
Safety margins4
Vehicle handling2
Vehicle loading1
Vulnerable road users6